Ruby Bracelet

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Browse our large inventory of ruby bracelet offered for sale online from different vendors on a marketplace like amazon at an affordable price. Ruby is the red gemstone variety from the corundum mineral family, is one of the four gemstones included in the precious stone group with diamonds, emerald, and sapphire.

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Ruby is considered a durable gemstone due to its high hardness, it has a 9 on the Mohs hardness mineral scale. Ruby is the rarest and precious red colored gemstone of the world, best quality of this stone are available on the market at a very high price, so natural ruby is considered a very expensive gemstone.

Jewels crafted with Ruby and often with diamonds are considered rare and expensive, included in the high-end luxury jewelry market.

Browse our proposal to find amazing Ruby tennis Bracelet, ruby bangle or ruby gold bracelet, available in yellow, white and rose gold. Some jewels are also realized with some other precious metal like platinum or silver, with a less expensive quality of ruby stones.

Ruby is a natural gemstone often treated by heat to improve its color and clarity, reducing internal inclusions to make a better-looking gemstone.

Natural ruby jewels like bracelets are considered expensive because Ruby is a rare gemstone to find natural, it can be mined in different location like Africa, and Burma. Mogok Ruby is considered the most valued and desirable variety of this expensive gemstone especially if they present a deep red color also called pigeon’s blood red ruby.

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